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Whatever structures you need to move, ARX have the knowledge, skill and experience to deliver.

Stadia & Entertainment

ARX has established itself as a global pioneer in kinetic architecture for sports stadia and entertainment venues.

Our work on the two retractable roofs at Wimbledon, and the ground-breaking retractable football pitch, surround and grow lights at Tottenham Hotspur, has changed what the world expects of large-scale moving structures.

Whatever the motion, whatever the size, we combine mechanical and EC&I engineering principles to create safe, reliable moving structures. has established itself as a global pioneer in kinetic architecture for sports stadia and entertainment venues.

The stadia and entertainment sector is constantly looking for new ways to engage audiences, reduce the time that venues are left empty, and maximise value from every square foot of space.

ARX works with the world’s leading stadia visionaries to design, engineer and deliver ground-breaking kinetic architecture solutions to these challenges and more.

Kinetic Architecture

Our experience with cranes, rails, tracks and bogies, coupled with our in-house automation capabilities, means that even elaborate structures can be mobilised using reliable and proven technologies.

Whilst techniques used in previous kinetic architecture solutions are transferable, every new project we undertake is completely bespoke, because our teams always deliver a solution to meet your specific needs.

Our ability to discover and develop a robust, reliable and efficient system in response to your needs, allows you, the architect, to realise your most adventurous ideas, while at the same time providing a hugely dependable overall solution.

ARX’s numerous moving structure installations have covered a variety of unusual applications. From deployment systems for protective coverings, to entire moveable sections of buildings, to kinetic art installations, our engineers can develop the means to either mobilise existing structures or create new moving structures that integrate seamlessly into your design.


Moving Gates & Bridges

ARX has the engineering expertise to bring heavy kinetic structures under complete control. Our team has tackled landmark structures from swing bridges to viaducts, lock gates to ship lifts, nuclear shield doors to gamma gates and more.

ARX specialises in making very large things move, very precisely, and very safely. Our engineers have an enviable history in moving structures, including iconic landmarks such as the Falkirk Wheel, London Eye, and Tower Bridge.

The components of a moving structure solution are similar to those of our lifting and handling solutions – motors, bogies, wheels, rails – all orchestrated by advanced EC&I control. In every instance, it’s our ability to understand the forces in motion, to effortlessly control them, and to apply the first principles of engineering to create high-safety, high-integrity handling systems.