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Beijing Botanical Garden Greenhouse 

ARX Complete Special Handling Solutions

The Challenge

Established in 1956, Beijing Botanical Garden is home to plant life from across China, and beyond. As part of ongoing development, a tropical greenhouse was built in 1999 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the People’s Republic Of China.

This structure houses more than 2,000 types of tropical and subtropical plants across four exhibition halls and is comprised primarily of glass. Keeping the structure in superb condition was paramount, and therefore necessitated an access solution that enabled the glass to be cleaned and maintained both internally and externally.

The Solution

ARX was brought on to design and collaboratively manufacture an innovative access system capable of accommodating the unique architectural features of the glass structure, which incorporates a stunning elliptical domed roof.

In order to perform efficient maintenance and cleaning on the structure with minimal disruption to the aesthetics and operation, these gantries have been designed to curve alongside it so that no panel would be difficult to reach.

Technical Details

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