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Wembley Stadium & Tottenham Hotspur: Retractable Seating for Multi-Use Stadia

In today’s competitive sports, leisure and entertainment world, every square foot of usable venue space is valuable. ARX helps architects to create venues that respond to new market opportunities – from adding a few rows of extra capacity, to creating thousands more concert tickets, to transforming an entire Premier League football pitch into an NFL field.

The Challenge

In response to the need for entertainment venues to increase occupancy rates and compete against alternative destinations, architects have invented increasingly innovative multi-use stadia.

Such multi-use spaces often require portions of a traditionally fixed building to move, or to facilitate a transformation from one venue layout to another. Moving structures on this scale – safely and under control – requires very specialist expertise.

ARX Wembley Stadium Retractable Stadium Seating
Around 800 seats attached to hydraulic ramps pivot up to create valuable concert space

The Solution

ARX has engineered and built some of the world’s iconic kinetic architecture. In 2019, it had two significant debuts in the kinetic architecture world: the dividing retractable pitch at Tottenham Hotspur’s new ground, and the No.1 Court concertina roof at Wimbledon.

However, it’s not just roofs and pitches that we can make move. We also help the architect create practical and valuable new spaces through retractable seating and terraces, as we have done for Wembley Stadium, Tottenham Hotspur, and Kai Tak Sports Park.

Technical Details

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