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Lord’s Cricket Ground Sight Screen System

Stadia & Entertainment

The Challenge

Lord’s Cricket Ground plays host to national and international cricket of various formats. These matches use several different coloured cricket balls, launched at over 80mph by the bowler.

To enable the batter to track such a fast-moving object, cricket grounds utilise contrasting screens for maximum visibility. With different coloured balls requiring different screens, and time when a screen isn’t needed, Lord’s Cricket Ground sought a quick and easy way of switching between the different formats.

The Solution

Following the success of the first sight screen solution supplied to Lord’s back in 2001, ARX specified, designed, manufactured, installed, and commissioned a fully configurable sight screen solution that can be tailored to whichever arrangement and colour is needed.

This comprises a centrally mounted Tri-Vision screen, horizontally sliding screens, access door screens, and removable fabric screens. Together, they all provide the white or black backgrounds needed to ensure the batter’s safety no matter the game’s format.

Technical Details

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