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Skyview Tower

Creating public venues that can react and change shape to deliver the perfect event

The Challenge

Skyview Tower combines a public attraction and a promotional vehicle into a kinetic architecture landmark. The tower gives thrilling 360° views of its surroundings and is targeted at major cities and venues. It also generates revenue through passenger ride tickets, advertising and retail.

Skyview Tower’s challenge was to bring together innovative partners to fulfil the various disciplines required to make the concept a reality: structural engineering; mechanical engineering; promotional envelope design; passenger gondola design; installation and operation.

The Solution

ARX is the mechanical engineering piece of the Skyview Tower jigsaw. We designed and engineered the unique hoisting system that safely, reliably and repeatedly takes passengers – and advertising promotions – 90 metres up and down the tower.

ARX’s engineering innovations include a modular construction approach and a unique counterbalanced hoist for increased efficiency, while also smoothing the ride. The hoist design has already received TUV approval for the safe carriage of passengers.

Technical Details

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